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Introducing Annotated Stacktraces

When things break, your first questions are typically: Why is this happening now? What changed? Who knows about these changes?

At Opbeat, we’ve have experienced this often enough to make us wonder:
How can we make it faster to debug errors?

This is what we came up with.

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DevOps Master Class + Opbeat Launch in SF

Two years ago we set out to build Opbeat. Traditional ops was increasingly getting outsourced to the cloud and developers were finding themselves working two jobs: Developing new features and doing ops. Two jobs is hard. Especially as ops is 24/7. Even worse when considering the existing ops toolbox: Self-hosted, custom-built tools, fragmented datasets and broken ad-hoc coordination when issues occurred.

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Updated overview pages, and a new feed

We just released an update to two of the seminal pages on Opbeat: Your organization’s overview page, and your app’s overview page. We think they will help you get a better, faster overview of what is going on in your apps.

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Assigning error groups

Today, we are introducing assignments for error groups. We think this will increase the transparency within your team on who is responsible for fixing the error groups in your apps.

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